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GoGiftware Sister Angel Figurines

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Divine Duo of Protection - Our guardian angel figurine portrays two ethereal twin angels donned in tranquil blue dresses. Hands gently resting on each other's shoulders evoke a sense of watchful care and connection. Standing at 7.48 inches in height, 4.92 inches in length, and 2.76 inches in width, this unique design captivates the gaze and imbues surroundings with feelings of solace and safeguarding.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare - Meticulously hand-painted by our skilled designers, this memorial angel figurine is fashioned from high-quality resin that stands the test of time. The twin prayer angels are beautifully captured in a serene, healing posture, their presence radiating peace and inspiration wherever they stand.

Gift of Heartfelt Sentiments - Express your love and compassion with this remembrance angel statue, a symbol of guardianship, wisdom, and camaraderie. It's a poignant gift for cherished individuals—your sister, mother, or friend—conveying that their kindness and empathy resonate deeply.

Versatile Elegance Unveiled - Adorning your home or office, this sister angel figurine bestows its comforting aura wherever it's placed. Whether on your desk, bookcase, shelf, dining table, or bedside, it casts a gentle light during your moments of solitude or challenges, fostering a sense of hope.

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Brenda Vangi
Angel Sisters

Great gift says it all

Wonderfully as expected!!

This is so pretty and my best friend loved it even more than I did. Well made and just the right size!