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GoGiftware Bleesed Virgin Mary Statue

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Artistry in Every Brushstroke: Our Mary figurine is not just a statuette; it's a true masterpiece. The hands of skilled artisans meticulously hand-paint each detail, infusing life into this figurine. Each brushstroke adds a unique touch, preserving the grace and beauty of Mary's character for you to admire.

Expressive Serenity: Every feature of this Mary figurine is sculpted with the utmost care to convey serenity, love, and compassion. From the gentle curve of her smile to the tranquil gaze in her eyes, every detail speaks volumes about the depth of emotion and devotion that Mary represents.

A Collector's Treasure: This Mary figurine is a must-have for collectors of religious art. Its exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and limited availability make it a highly coveted piece. Elevate your collection with this exquisite figurine that encapsulates the spirit of devotion.

Perfectly Proportioned: Despite its compact size, measuring 1.97" L x 4.84" W x 1.34" H, this figurine makes a profound impact. Its versatile dimensions allow for various display options, whether gracing a shelf, joining a collection, or serving as the centerpiece of a small prayer space.

A Gift of Devotion: Present this Mary figurine on occasions like Christmas, Easter, or significant religious milestones. It embodies a meaningful gift, symbolizing faith, love, and the strength of devotion. Offer an assistance that captures the very essence of Mary's grace and fosters a deeper spiritual connection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jo-Ann Loftus

Perfect size for my religious education children

 Mini Virgin Mary statue

This is a lovely Virgin Mary statue that is on the smaller side at only 4.72"H .The colors and details are clear and vivid.I like how the Miracoulus medals are on the bottom.

 Beautiful Blessed Mother

A perfect statue for a small segment of our garden that is in between a large patio and stairs from the deck. We are delighted!

Juan J Lopez Rios
Great product

Really good image of Virgin Mary. Good product.

Mike B

I liked it very much. Beautiful colors and well made. A good addition for my collection.